Felt Conveyor Belt For Pasaban Paper Sheeter Machine

Felt conveyor belts are used in a wide range of applications, such as digital cutting machines, printing industry, electronics industry, and paper industry. The felt conveyor belt we launched is for the Pasaban paper sheeter machine.

Felt conveyor belts are made of high-quality felt material and have good wear resistance and high-temperature resistance, making them suitable for use in high-temperature or high-speed working environments. In paper sheeter machines, felt conveyor belts can be used to transport paper or other materials to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.

Felt belt for Pasaban paper sheeter machine

SCplus Felt Conveyor Belt For Pasaban Advantages

Noise reduction: The log paper cutter felt belt can reduce the generation of noise, thereby reducing interference to the environment and improving the comfort of the working environment.
Stable: The log paper cutter felt belt can provide a stable cutting effect, making the size and shape of the cut paper consistent, thereby improving production efficiency.
Durable: Log paper cutter felt belts are usually made of fine quality materials, which can provide long-term use and reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.
Cleaning: The log cutter felt belt can easily remove paper residue, thereby reducing damage to the machine and pollution to the working environment.

Felt belt for Pasaban

Overall, the SCPLUS paper sheeter machine felt belt can provide more stable, noise-reducing, durable, and clean cutting effects, thereby improving production efficiency and reducing costs. It is also equipped with a two-speed conveyor belt device, a mesh belt device, and a paper-pressing belt device.

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