Cutting Underlay for Esko Kongsberg DCM 24 Cutter

In the CNC cutting machine industry, the Esko Kongsberg DCM 24 cutting machine is a highly respected piece of equipment. In order to ensure its proper operation and cutting results, a proper cutting mat is crucial. This article will explore choosing and using the right cutting underlay for your Esko Kongsberg DCM 24 cutting machine.

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1. The function of cutting underlay

The cutting underlay plays an important role in the cutting process. It provides extra support to help the knife cut through the material better. At the same time, the cutting mat can also protect the cutter and workbench of the cutting machine and extend the service life of the equipment.

2. Choose the right cutting underlay

When choosing a cutting underlay, the material is first to consider. Typically, cutting mats are made of materials such as rubber, cork, or plastic. For the Esko Kongsberg DCM 24 cutting machine, it is recommended to choose a high-quality rubber cutting underlay as it has good elasticity and wear resistance and can provide the best cutting results.

Second, consider the thickness of your cutting underlay. The thickness of the cutting mat should be determined based on the desired depth of cut and the hardness of the material. Generally speaking, the thicker the cutting mat, the greater the cutting depth. However, when choosing the thickness of the cutting mat, you should also consider the accuracy requirements during cutting. A cutting mat that is too thick may affect the cutting accuracy.

SCplus Belt can provide Cutting Underlay in various sizes

Thickness: 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, etc.

Our cutting underlay can meet any series of Esko Kongsberg cutting machines; welcome to consult us.

3. How to use cutting underlay

When using a cutting underlay, first make sure that the size of the cutting mat matches the size of the cutting machine’s table. Then, place the cutting mat on your workbench and make sure its surface is flat. Next, place the material you want to cut on the cutting mat, adjust the depth and speed of the knife, and start cutting.

During the cutting process, regularly check the condition of the cutting mat. Suppose it is found that the surface of the cutting pad has been worn or deformed. In that case, the cutting pad should be replaced in time to ensure the cutting effect and the safe operation of the equipment.

In general, choosing a cutting underlay suitable for the Esko Kongsberg DCM 24 cutting machine and using it correctly can improve cutting efficiency, extend the service life of the equipment, and ensure cutting quality.

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