Cutting for Composite Materials

Customized Production of Special High-Wear PU Conveyor Belts with Perforations

Increasing production efficiency, reducing costs, improving quality, and ensuring safety. This makes them highly valuable in the composite materials manufacturing and processing industry.


Innovation in New Materials for Felt Conveyor Belts

Meeting Your Machine’s Various Reading and Cutting Requirements


Wear Resistance: PU (Polyurethane) material typically exhibits excellent wear resistance, capable of withstanding repeated use and abrasion.

Strength: It possesses high strength, capable of handling the transportation of heavy items without easily breaking or deforming.

Chemical stability

Low adhesion

High temperature tolerance

Wear resistance

Good Chemical Resistance


Red PU conveyor belts have good tolerance to certain chemicals and solvents, making them suitable for specific environments.


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PU 4
High Traction

They usually have good traction, ensuring that items do not slide or slip during transportation.

PU 6
Wide Temperature Range

PU conveyor belts can typically operate within a broad temperature range, suitable for various working environments.

PU 1
Low Noise

Relative to some other conveyor belt materials, PU conveyor belts often generate lower noise levels.

Blue PU Conveyor Belt

These advantages make PU conveyor belts widely used in various industries, especially in logistics, production, and manufacturing sectors.


PU Conveyor Belts

Easy to Clean and Maintain

They are typically easy to clean, with relatively low maintenance costs.

Blue PU Conveyor Belt

PU conveyor belts can be customized to specific requirements, including size, color, and texture.



PU Conveyor Belts



PU Conveyor Belts


PU conveyor belts are highly customizable in terms of size, colour, and texture. This allows businesses to tailor the belts to their specific requirements and branding.

Customization Options

Some PU conveyor belts are designed with food-grade or hygienic properties, making them suitable for industries like food processing and pharmaceuticals where cleanliness is crucial.

Hygienic Properties


PU Foil Tape

In summary,PU conveyor belts are versatile, robust, and offer a range of benefits that make them indispensable in a wide array of industries, from manufacturing and logistics to food processing and more. Their ability to combine strength, durability, and chemical resistance with customization options and ease of maintenance makes them a valuable asset for businesses seeking reliable and efficient conveyor solutions.