The Wooden & Raw Material Industry

Flat Belt

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Long-lasting Resilience

Using new high-conductivity materials, coating materials with good wear resistance.

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Good Abrasion Resistance

Good elasticity, soft and stable smooth surface, good resilience.

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Fast Rebound

Not easy to corrode, oil resistant, strong adhesion,low noise,soft underside.

Automatic flexible automatic production line consumable accessories supplier.

The Wooden & Raw Material Industry


Flat Belt

Using one-time molding method, the noise generated is small.

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Provide woodworking machinery power transmission application solutions from sheet to assembly production line, intelligent automatic roller line elastic belt


Heavy Duty Sander Industrial Conveyor Belt

High Gripping Force

Large lattice pattern is the transportation method for sanders in the decorative gluing industry, because the use of controlled floating roller technology, coupled with wear-resistant pattern lattice transportation, can achieve excellent sanding results. Specific features are perfect sanding on unstable uniform thickness, high-gloss sanding effect, fast production.

Wooden & Raw Material Industry Application

Technical Parameter

Increase friction, long service life, large pulling force, strong stability, increase stability.





Operating Temperature



Tensile Strength



Total Thickness



Minimum Roller Diameter A/B



Standard Width


Wooden & Raw Material Industry Description

Our wide range of solutions and our reputation for high-quality products that deliver precision performance over a long lifetime, along with our excellent service network, have made us a trusted industry partner.


Wooden & Raw Material Industry Features

1.Wood processing machines require a wide range of industrial belting.

This means that we can offer you the most suitable product for every application: from solid wood processing to board and panel manufacturing, to production lines for all types of engineered wood products.

2.Conveyor belts for the ceramic, glass and marble Industry

3.The rizhi offer includes conveyor belts for leather processing, belts for rotary stacking machines.

Wooden & Raw Material Industry Application