Tyre Industry Conveyor Belt Description

SCplus Co.,Ltd. has also focused on many years in the tyre industry. Provide high-quality tyre conveyor belt solutions for internal and foreign tire manufacturers. As SCplus continues to invest a lot of money in research and development and innovation in the tyre industry. More and more tyre conveyor belts can be provided to customers, and they are becoming more and more mature, and are recognized by customers.

Conveyor belt

for tire industry

What processes can SCplus conveyor belt be used in tyre industry

Conveyor belt for tire industry

Temperature resistance,wear resistance,medium resistance,aging resistance,high strength and low elongation,stable operation,long service life.

Conveyor belt for blanking hopper and barrel lining

Temperature resistance, wear resistance, medium resistance, aging resistance.

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Metering conveyor belt

Stable operation, uniform thickness.

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Conveyor belt for forming machine (line)

Temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, high strength and low elongation.

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Conveyor belt for finished product inspection

High transmission efficiency, high strength, small elongation, stable operation.

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Single-side Grey Felt Belt(NE-10E/R50)

Product Description

Conveying surface features: Anti-static, flame retardant, low noise, impact resistance.

Splice Types: Preferred Wedge splice,others open splice.

Main features: Excellent sports performance, good abra sion resistance, low elongation, high electrical conduct! vity, excellent flexability.

Available : Roll belt endless blet Pre-openingbelt or bonding.

Application: paper cut,printfold,package belt.

Product advantages:  Felt Conveyor Belt In Dustry with perforated or bonded guide baffle belt with mechanical buckle joint.

Single-side Grey Felt Belt

Temperature range(℃)-15~+80
Texture(sur/tensile layer) Felt Belt/Fabric
Number of coating2-PLY
Thinkness( mm)5
Weight( Kg/m2):4.0
Max wideth( mm)2000

Conveyor belt for cutting line

Temperature resistance, wear resistance, aging resistance, uniform thickness, no adhesion to the film.

Tyre Industry conveyor belts
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Tyre Industry conveyor belting
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Conveyor belt for mixing


Temperature resistance

Temperature resistance
Tyre Industry transmission belt

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance

Aging resistance


No adhesion to film

No adhesion
to film

No adhesion to film

-Special conveyor belt for tread extrusion linkage line
-The surface is made of specially treated felt, with ideal temperature resistance and anti-slip effect
-Other special conveyor belts such as guide belts and turning belts
-Special edging conveyor belt for primary rubber mixing in tire industry.

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The pulley diameters are valid for a hot spliced belt and at the indicated belt force.
1 21
Depending on the splice and working conditions ,different pulley diameters may be possible or necessary.
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When fasteners are used the minimum diameters are increased by approx 50%.

Consult our specialists for available profiles and accessories.