Paper Cutting Felt Belt

Supplied as reel for individual manufacture.

The machining size is 200M*2200. Headless Power Transmission and Conveyor Felts Prepare power transmission and conveyor felts for on-site heated splicing.

Special design with perforated.


Maximum efficiency
Production accuracy
Minimized downtime
Long service life

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Paper Cutting Felt Belt(NN-8PE/R16)

Cross-cutting machine cut paper felt belt.

The widest variety of paper and cardboard must be used
Precise conveying at very high speeds in cross-cutting machines without leaving any traces at every stage of production.

In addition to machine tapes for NN-8PE/R16series, also include machine tapes of NN-8PE/R16 series types.

Perfect for such a demanding use. 

For small roll diameters, lateral rigidity and strong edges. 

Their relatively low elongation when assembled means shaft loads are minimized. 

Long service life and fast splicing without additional material minimizes assembly and resulting downtime.

Paper Cutting Felt BeltNN-8PE/R16HC
Temperature range(℃)-20~+80
Texture(sur/tensile layer) FELT/FELT
Number of coating1-PLY
Thinkness( mm)1.8
Weight( Kg/m2):1.4
Max wideth( mm)1300
Paper industry

The General Process Of Producing Paper.

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Adaptation to the paper industry market, in-depth industry knowledge, continuous research and innovation,and connections with leading global machine builders enable SCPLUS to develop solutions that meet the latest market demands.


Products suitable for all paper and
printing applications.

Conveyor and Process Belts\Folding belt \Robotic tape\Seamless conveyor belt \Paper cutter felt belt


The ideal solution for all
production stages.

Folder Gluing Machine for Carton\Production of corrugated boxes\Printing Graphics and Publishing\Paper conversion

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Ensures high efficiency and energy and cost savings.

We also know how important speed, minimal machine downtime and fast and easy installation are to you. 

Whatever challenge you face, we can provide you with the tailored solution you need.

At the same time meet your requirements for high performance and high reliability,
reliability at an attractive price/value ratio.

The SCplus Paper felt conveyor belt

The SCPLUS paper transfer belts feature a coefficient of friction value suitable for specific functions, an easy-to-apply topcoat on paper, good peel and grip properties, and a long service life, allowing belts to excel in their respective industries.

The innovative products in the SCPLUS series are the latest results of our research and development work. Its aramid or polyester tension members mean that the belts are assembled with little elongation, high flexibility, and are insensitive to fluctuations in environmental conditions.

Too little grip can interrupt the process when a product needs to be picked up on a hill or in a precisely positioned spot.

SCPLUS’s high-grip coatings are the answer. Gently but firmly, they grab and release the cargo at the right time.

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The production processes in the paper printing,
cardboard converting and toilet paper industries require a large number of different felt belts.
With ever-increasing energy costs.

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The Full Felt Belt Solutions

Letter sorting machines In letter sorting machines, abrasive paper and letters with fragile materials, with very ordinary content. Flexible robotic tapes can handle such applications.
The elastic types in the "elastic series" are mainly used for very complex applications without small deflections of the tensioning system.
Among other applications, the NN-8PE/R16 series types can: smoothly convey materials even under extreme conditions.
Both series have a very long lifespan. Quick splicing, no additional material required, and excellent performance lead time ensures low assembly time.
Minimal downtime is reduced.

With its new range of felt belt machine tapes.

The SCPLUS offers solutions for the special requirements of various manufacturing processes as well as for a wide range of further processing and conveying.
The SCPLUS felt belt folding and conveyor belts are suitable for all qualities of paper, carton and board, whether untreated, lacquered or laminated.
Our latest development is the innovative product from felbelt. They are assembled with low elongation, high flexibility, and are insensitive to fluctuations in environmental conditions.
They are easy to clean.