The Cutters And Packaging Felt Belt

The Packaging Industry

The SCPLUS Conveyor Belt A wide range of conveyor belts and 

timing belts meet the safety and hygienic packaging

requirements of any type of product.

The SCPLUS conveyor belt products include conveyor belts for
check scales, vertical form fill sealers, accumulating and
inclined conveyor belts, felt belts with stretch wrapping machines,
felt belts for labeling machines, and capping machine belts.

Proprietary technology SCPLUS has developed a unique innovative product.

The Velcro Joint.


• Easy to use

Any type of surface treatment

 (special inks, varnishes, etc.) possible.


• High operational safety

Including folder gluer conveyor belt, folding belt,

 compression belt and discharge belt.


• No training required

This product includes conveyor belts for

corrugating, folding, punching and stacking.

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Cutters And Packaging Felt Belt

The SCPLUS conveyor and folding belts are designed to meet the growing demands of high-speed, high-quality production of corrugated boxes.

The SCPLUS is an advanced image processing solution. Reduce downtime and increase productivity. Thanks to the special structure, it can be made endless on-site, very fast, in a unique insurance, SCPLUS high performance elastomer cover combined with a patent-pending solution, fast and safe splicing is a breakthrough in the field of belt efficiency .

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With our many years of global experience, we will help you meet your challenges with an optimized solution that increases productivity and reduces maintenance costs as part of the product package.Choosing the right belt is the key to every successful operation of your packaging machinery.

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As the world's leading belt manufacturer and solutions provider, we supply high quality conveyor belts, machine tapes, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and timing belts. Our application engineers, technicians and franchising experts are on hand to provide you with professional advice and support.

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Thanks to our thorough understanding of packaging application requirements, a fully customer-centric approach, and a broad range of belts and accessories, you can rely on SCPLUS to meet your most demanding needs.Let's take on the packaging challenge.

20+ years of system and tool operation, easy splicing, provides operator safety advantages and minimizes downtime.

Aiming at these two aspects of the packaging industry, SCPLUS conveyor belts are available in a wide variety to meet any requirement for any type of food safety and hygiene packaging. It also meets any special requirements for printing and packaging.


Some of our other products are used in production lines

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Maximum satisfying accuracy、Paper of any type、Extremely resistant to chemicals and Printing Inks、For high speed、Excellent wear resistance.