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Logistics requires speed, accuracy and reliability, and that’s exactly what scplus give you. An industry on the move – and a partner that helps you deliver. We can find the right belt for every process in your operation.



Characteristics of special conveyor belts for logistics industry:

1.Conveyor belt has the characteristics of lightness and ease of installation;
The logistics sorting line is basically operating every day, so the frequency of use must ensure that the conveyor belt is light, easy to maintain, and easy to install.
2.Conveyor belt has high strength, high wear resistance and high impact resistance performance;
The logistics sorting line transports large quantities and heavy items every day. This feature requires the conveyor belt to have high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance.
3.The conveyor belt is flame retardant;
4.Resistant to dirt and pollution
6.Noise reduction

Logistics Belt Product Application:

PVK Belt, Hard Felt Conveyor Belt, PVC Belt (Grass Pattern PVC Conveyor Belt ), PU Belt, Double-side yarn logistics conveyor belt.

Logistics Belt Product Show:

Logistics belt hard felt conveyor belt

pvk belt logistics pu logistics belt

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