Laundry Industry Description

With the collaboration of manufacturers and end-users feedback, has developed a wide range of conveyor and process belts able to meet all laundries needs for felt belts with spreading machines, folding machines, and ironing machines and etc.

Industrial made perforationshole
Production safety  
Easy and quick to replace
Long service life
Our company has experience in the laundry industry and understanding of the work flow. 
Now our company recommends the folding machine.
It is recommended to replace 1.6 single-sided felt black, more suitable to replace the canvas belts currently on the market.
Advantages: No stretchability, because the main requirements of the belt of the folding machine are the friction and the same rail, the friction, the felt must be larger than the folding belt,
Is the same track. Because the ordinary folding belt is a cotton woven belt, it is woven, and the length of time and the width will be stretched, resulting in the belt running out of sync, and the folded clothing is not smooth.
But the felt will not be the case, because the felt is under Polyester cloth is very strong and can avoid this situation.
Conveyor belts for industrial laundries

Laundry Industry Application

laundry felt belts high speed ironing felt belts

laundry felt belt spreading machine felt belt