Heat Resistant Felt for Aluminum Profile Description

Heat Resistant Felt is used in the Aluminum industry, which greatly improves production efficiency and further accelerates the development of Aluminum. The heat resistant felt developed by SCplus conveyor belt has solved many problems for many Aluminum industry customers. It is believed that SCplus Belt will continue to provide higher-quality high temperature resistant transfer mat and wheel hub packages with yellow POB for the Aluminum industry.

Why Choose Heat Resistant Felt for Aluminum Profile

Aluminum extrusion profiles are a particularly relevant consideration for light metal extruders. The loss of scrap due to product damage after the product leaves the die is an avoidable cost that the extruder no longer has to accept. Refractory felt roll sleeves, pads and belts specially developed for aluminum extrusion presses offer unprecedented quality, strength and durability. The heat felt is a proven investment in quality and productivity with a solid return. They are a very affordable investment right now.

SCplus Belt is considered the only product that can withstand the high extrusion temperatures immediately after leaving the die. A new high-tech fiber, PBO, is now used in Zylon refractory felts that combine extreme temperature resistance, shock absorption and durability. PBO has the highest cross-sectional strength of all the synthetic fibers known to date.

heat resistant felt for aluminum profile

Aluminum Profile Heat Resistant Felt Specification

Type Color Composition Temperature
PBO100% Brown / Brown + Brown Pure PBO + PBO fabric (ultra – high temperature double – sided discharge for the special blankets> 600°C
Pad-PKK Brown+yellow PBO+Kevlar Base fabric (ordinary single-sided machine for carpets) 600°C
Pad-PK Brown+yellow PBO+Kevlar (Flat type PBO felt) 600°C
Pad-KK Yellow 100%Kevlar 480°C
100%Kevlar+kevla Base fabric
Pad-NP off White Nomex+Kevlar 280°C
Pad-PE White 100% polyester + l00% polyester + base fabric 180°C

Heat Felt for Aluminum Profile Application

Aluminium extrusion line, first level cooling beds for extrusion production line to manufacture aluminum profiles with large sizes and irregular forms

heat resistant felt for aluminum extrusionheat felt for aluminum profile