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airports conveyor belt


Airports Conveyor Belt

Airports Conveyor Belt Description

Conveyor Belts for baggage handling. RIZHI produces energy saving conveyor belts able of meet the growing demand for reliability, safety and fast handling of all types of baggage, from check-in to loading into the luggage hold. Satisfy all application needs, while ensuring high quality and performance in full compliance with International safety standards.

RIZHI Transmission offer includes conveyor belts for luggage and baggage handling, check-in, baggage check, X-ray baggage control system, explosive detectors, flipper and pusher diverters, aircraft loading and unloading.

RIZHI Airports Conveyor Belt Features

1.Conveyor Belt Materials

PVK conveyor belt, PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt
According to different environmental needs, you can choose unused belts and patterns to achieve pressure resistance and convenient transportation.

2.Airports Conveyor Belt Requirements

High strength, impact resistance, flame retardant, wear resistance, long service life.

Airports Conveyor Belt Application

airports conveyor belting airports conveyor belts


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