SCPlus Co.,Ltd.

was established in 2004.

Innovation, creation, improving the core competitiveness of enterprise are our tireless pursuits.
During more than 18 years of development experience, we have reached excellent product quality,professional knowledge of product and excellent on-site service are the main concept to gain the trust for different industries and customers.

Felt Belt Installation

For more than eighteen years of service, SCplus has head office in Shanghai, main manufacturing facility in Jiangsu Province and R&D facility in Shandong Province.

Felt Belt Repair

Our products are exported to all over the world such as Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. We have more than 5600+ customers spread all over
China and abroad.

Felt Belt Service

Our products and technical services applied in various industries such as Tyre, food manufacturing, logistics, compressor, paper & print and other various industries.

Experience Quality Felt Belt Service in
SCplus Co.,Ltd.

Our company has been described as high tech and expertise.
We have obtained a stable and long-lasting cooperation
with our important partners.

Before providing service to customer, we come up with professional ideas, methods and plans.

Provide comprehensive solutions using discovery, analysis on problems.

Retroactive and traceable conditions leads us to our success to each service we provide.

Repair & Installation

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How to apply glue to your Cutting Machine Felt Conveyor Blet

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Felt Belt Repairs and Install
Felt Belt Repairs and Services
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Our Enterprise DNA

With the joint efforts of all workers, our company has developed into a company that has technological content, social responsibility and technical responsibility; enable each worker in SCPLUS to serve the country, the people, the society and different industries well; and enable each worker to continuously improve themselves and achieve themselves in the process of providing valuable ability to the society.

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