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About SCplus Conveyor Belt

SCplus Conveyor Belt was established in 2004


ISO9001 certificated plant of large m2 production workshop with outstanding m2+ daily output

Global Network
Serving lots clients and partners from most of countries

Technique support and R&D Lab
After more than sixteen years of experience, practice good product quality. Quality Assurance, Quality Control Production system,  technique support, expanding knowledge of product, understand and application of on-site, digital service concept are the hard truth to win the market and customers.
On this time, we have strong technique support from our R&D Lab in factory to do it smoothly.

scplus conveyor belt

Rizhi Transmission Producer of felt S=C PLUS

Felt conveyor Belt Solution Provider is core competitiveness of enterprise are our tireless pursuits.
Rizhi are the manufacture of felt Novbelt, our product is worldwide in the production of conveyor and process belts, transmission belts. Conveyor and transmission belts provide excellent handling solutions for all industrial sectors. Our transmission can help you to find workable and efficiently circumstance. Let’s to be part of each other and cooperate together.
24hours quick feedback
16 project teams
We have different department for project team corporate business below;
Tyred, photovoltaic, logistics, compressor, agricultural, textile, high-temperature transport, paper cutting, heat transfer printing, wood, food, stamping, airport, leather, automotive and other industries.

S=C PLUS Brand Made in China
Our on of main leading manufacturers of technical needle felts and Novbelt for industry and leading manufacturer of speciality engineered conveyor belts. S=C PLUS is a customer orientated company and stands for high quality and custom-engineered materials and products we can believe and trust for long time.

Conveyor belt Novbelt conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, cutting machines, plotters, logistic systems, airports, tires, wood and paper industry, aluminum extrusion, food processing and heavy industry. Non-woven conveyor belts NOVBELT Conveyor belts for Bakeries and other food industry, electrical products pasting belts, cutting machine, CCL and etc. Any more application, please let do it together.

conveyor belt manufacturer

The advantages for S=C Plus:

  • Wear and cut resistant;
  • Soft impact surface;
  • High temperature resistant;
  • High abrasion resistance;
  • Quiet running;
  • Easy fastener lacing, etc
Connection with ZIP-LOCK, tangential ) and no connection on with ZIP-LOCK, tangential, L type, step. 
longitudinal connection and tangent connections
POWER TRANSMISSION BELTS Rizhi Felt is a manufacturer of high-performance drive and conveyor belts that are resistant to temperature, abrasion, oil and dust. They are used in various industries.

The thickness of NOVO felt below.

What Rizhi Transmission can produce in manufacture specializes in the production

NOVO felt belt, veneer felt belt, high temperature felt belt, logistics PVK conveyor belt coil whole sale and retail. PU conveyor belt, cut-resistant PU conveyor belt.

1) Conveyor and process belts

2) Machine tapes

3) Power transmission belts

4)  Jointing equipment Examples for Application Novbelt is a kind of NON-WOVEN CONVEYOR BELTS NON-WOVEN CONVEYOR BELTS Novbelt conveyor belts are used in a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, cutting machines, plotters, logistic systems, airports, tires, wood and paper industry, aluminum extrusion, food processing and heavy industry.

Novbelt products: Antistatic – High conductive products For food industry Non-antistatic belts for bakeries and food industry. Our products involved in: Composite, Garments and Textile, Leather, Graphics, Technical Service, Techtex, Textile, Packaging and etc.

conveyor belt supplier

Industrial 4.0 is coming

So glad to have chance to work to be a team and cooperate with each other. The products are to be used for equipment of horizontal and vertical dough molders and Rubber. Our product are producing truly endless, without any joint on the middle, belts are conveyor belts used in closed conveyor systems. Some top manufactures in cutter are willing to cooperate with us for a long time. Right now thank for all the support from all the clients we have. It’s our honor. SCplus Conveyor Belt is producer of non-woven conveyor belts and other conveyor belts. Our experience and technique will help each other to find the right solution for your needs. Please feel free to contact with us.

Meanwhile, please allow me to introduce Rizhi Transmission product advantages.

  1. Good softness, protect the products from scratching.
  2. Strong PET layer, prevent the tensile strength changingfrom environment temperature.
  3. Low elongation, ensure the high transport efficiency.
  4. Great strength, excellent flexibility.
  5. Professional joint equipment, wheel-head equipment, making joint more convenient.

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