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A United And Loving Team

More than half of 2020 has passed. We are united to fight the epidemic, resume work and resume production normally, strengthen employee felt conveyor belt training and learning, improve business knowledge, actively adjust operating plans, replace work systems, improve work processes, plan work methods and systems, and find in crisis The new machine, sowing the hope of spring, welcoming the new game in the changing situation, swaying the enthusiasm of summer and looking forward to the harvest of autumn.

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In the late summer and autumn solstice, we experienced the feeling of “going out of the office and returning to nature” in Xishan, Taihu Lake. In this journey full of challenges and dangers, full of happiness and sweat, we continue to write our own legends.

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The employees participating in this training are divided into two teams, one voice, the unity of knowledge and action, and the teamwork spirit of combining and different. We promote and complete each activity with a master mentality.

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Turn your imagination into reality, and turn your thoughts into actions. There is nothing but unexpected but not impossible.

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Collective hands-on creation of labor results, firm goals, work together, and sail to the other side of success.

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As night is approaching, the friends of the log family will prepare the food and treat our warriors well.

The log allows every partner to experience the most intimate care from the company’s collective, and at the same time harvest laughter and film touches. Letting go is to better meet the challenge.

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Although the epidemic is terrible, it is more of an opportunity for the log. Our employees have also gained a lot of room for growth, and their anti-fragility has been well improved. The team is the foundation of the log, the product is our life, and the employees are our greatest wealth. In the future, it will be such a group of people running, constantly promoting the development of the felt market, and constantly exploring markets that are not limited to the transportation industry.

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Come on, let’s create a brilliant tomorrow for the log together.

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Sincerely look forward to working with us if you have a demand for felts. As a professional felt belt and conveyor belt manufacturer, whether it is a substitute or research and development, Log Professional provides technical solutions to help you solve your problems. Welcome to discuss together.


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