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Case 1. Adding the guide bar to the felt belt.

Scplus  provides special modification on conveyor belts and transmission belts.
Case 1. Adding the guide bar to the felt belt.

We have a lot of customers who needs the special processing on their felt Belt such as PVC Guide Bar to help the felt belt on the right position for running.
Cleats and Baffle,which will prevent slipping of the conveying product.

During the tech-sharing, Anna will share the process for adding the guide bar on the felt belt.

She has introduced the standard size for the guide bar.
Secondly, Anna shares the understanding of Guide Bar Size. Which is Bottom Width and the Height.

Conclusion & Solution:

Before we provide the special modification on the felt conveyor belt,

we must know the customer’s usage well and confirming well the information as below.

This way, we will not receive the message distorted.

The info are
–          Size of the Guide Bar
–          Color
–          With tooth/without tooth
–          Position of the belt.

But how to add the guide bar correctly? what is the detailed method?

Please check our video below to get the answers.


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